Here is to 29.

“Don’t be the person with strong intentions and zero action. Start now, start right here, you are all you need.”

It is finally summertime!
The weather is hot, the grass is green.
That means another birthday is rolling around.
This year – the big 2-9!

Twenty-eight was a huge year for me.
There were some pretty big changes throughout the year.
From separation, to staring the divorce process.
Starting a new job as an Educational Assistant, to being laid off.
Covid-19 Pandemic – this one explains itself.
Deciding to go back to University and get my teaching degree.
To, begin dating again and finding someone truly wonderful.

But they add to the story – and I cannot wait to add to the story.

I have a list of 15 things I want to accomplish before 30.
Hopefully adding to my story as I go along.
Do you have a yearly bucket list? If so, what is on it?

Rebekka’s 15 Before 30 List.

  1. Take a cake decorating class.
  2. Learn how to cut my son’s hair.
  3. Pay off my vehicle & NEVER finance a vehicle again!
  4. Write 25 blog posts.
  5. Visit the tulip farm in San Antonio, Texas.
  6. Take a trip with my mom besties.
  7. Make $1.00 off my blog.
  8. Keep a 4.0 at University.
  9. Visit my son’s other grandparents in British Columbia.
  10. Get back into rock climbing.
  11. Learn sign language.
  12. Go hiking 10X on new trails.
  13. Be able to do 20 push-ups in a row.
  14. Read ten novels.
  15. Be myself & don’t change for anyone.

Birthday bucket list on.
Take your own year by the ropes.
Keep creating your own wonderful story.


7 thoughts on “Here is to 29.

  1. Happy happy birthday!! I love making birthday lists – you’re my soul sister. I hope you accomplish everything on yours before the big 3-0! Sending you lots of love. xo


  2. supal

    With 28 behind you, I can totally see and feel 29 being amazing! I hope you blog about the experience of each bucket list item!! I would love to follow that journey! Happiest of birthday to you, Rebekka!


  3. Nkem

    I want to give you a virtual hug!!!! I love this so much. Best of luck to you and I think you’ve got a beautiful path ahead! Sending love x


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