SelfCare BINGO.

Do you struggle with focusing on your self-care?
I know I do!


My soul squad group has always done some sort of fitness challenge. I wanted to incorporate self care with the fitness to challenge us in different ways! I needed some sort of a template to follow every month to check off every day or two. I spent time scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram looking for the perfect challenge. In February, I found a Self Love BINGO posted on Instagram through a random search (I wish I remembered who created it/posted it, but I sadly do not). It was a 5X5 BINGO with  squares that said “buy yourself flowers”, “workout”, “get a massage”, etc. It was a great way to get back into practising self care and having others to do it with!

The February (Self Love) BINGO challenge went well. Everything on the BINGO was pretty achievable, so I decided to search for another one to do in March. Well…I couldn’t find one, or one I liked anyway, so I thought, why not create my own! Simple enough. I found a template on Canva to follow and I asked for suggestions from friends and family members so the squares wouldn’t be biased to just me.

The March (Self Care) BINGO definitely didn’t go as planned. There were a couple squares that I wasn’t able to mark off due to the covid-19 virus and social distancing! I will put those leftover squares in a future BINGO card when the world is allowed to be around other people again. For April coming up, I have a different idea coming up!

Starting April 1st, I have a challenge for you! Challenge yourself to the April Social Distancing BINGO that I created (you can find it in my Instagram story highlights (@bekkaleah) or on my Facebook page). Even though we are all safe at home and probably bored, this will be an exciting way to look forward to the day and accomplish little tasks! Some of the squares could be done while on a break from work too (all you work from home people!).

Finding a package of toilet paper will be a challenge in itself!

Make sure you reward yourself for each BINGO you get. You come up with the reward. It could be anything from buying a new pair of shoes or eating your favourite ice cream that you don’t normally buy! Have fun with it! Play with friends or along with me! And make sure you share your results with me.

Happy BINGO-ing!


5 thoughts on “SelfCare BINGO.

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea… my goodness. I’m going to try this out with my best friend, and then do a reward together. You should come take a visit on my blog, if you’re interested in more about self-care and self-love, I’ve got the juicy details. ❤ xx


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