Going Dairy Free

First of all I would like to ask, the people who I know who are completely dairy free, how the heck do you do it? There is dairy in just about everything that one picks up at the grocery store! And eating out! Eating out has to be the toughest – thank goodness I don’t do it very often.

So just about a month ago, I started this new journey for both my own health and my son’s. I have known forever that I am lactose intolerant and just shouldn’t eat dairy. But really? Who can resist ice cream, especially vanilla ice cream? It takes some kind of strength to say NO when the ice cream is being passed around.


But I thought I would continue on this journey anyway. I have noticed for the last little bit that when Anders eats any type of dairy product (especially yogurt), that he has an instant reaction – bright red cheeks, runny nose and dry cough. So that was that, I didn’t want to deal with a sick child anymore. Operation Cut Out Dairy.

When I made the decision, I started baking and cooking a ton. Muffins, cookies, easy snacks (fruits, veggies, crackers), and searching the internet for dairy free alternatives for all meals. I find it super difficult to find pre-made snacks at the grocery store without any dairy in them. Baking is just the best option. That way I know what is going into the baking and then into our bodies.

The other week, I made these awesome vegan muffins with only ten ingredients in them. They were completely dairy free, egg free, etc. And delicious! Anders even enjoyed them which was a major bonus. Raspberry Cranberry Muffins – here is the link to the raspberry cranberry muffins! I will definitely have to make them again!

I will keep you guys updated on how this journey is treating both of us! If you wouldn’t mind, please send your favourite dairy free recipes over this way! Thanks!


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