Starting Healthy Eating Choices

Feeding a toddler can be very difficult at times! Who can attest with me?

From my personal experience, my 20 month son generally is not a picky eater. Generally, he will eat anything and everything that you put in front of him. Sometimes at suppertime, he cannot get enough of the food and wants to eat seconds or even thirds! But there are definitely some days where he just doesn’t like what I have made and it makes you want to pull your hair out! I cannot imagine having a picky food eater on an every day basis.


On a typical day, my son and I eat pretty healthy. I will always provide healthy options for him but I also do not restrict treats with him. Even though he is 20 months old, if he sees a cookie and asks for a cookie, I will give him a cookie.

Breakfast (so Anders will eat breakfast at home before I take him to dayhome. Anders will also eat a second breakfast once he gets to dayhome)

  • Protein – whether this be a fried egg, scrambled eggs, peanut butter on toast, greek yogurt
  • Fruit – based of favourite of the week. Oranges, banana, apple slices, grapes
  • Cheerios with milk (at dayhome)

Lunch (Monday through Friday, Anders is at dayhome and lunch is provided. He typically eats two helpings of lunch, his favourites being cheese quesadilla day)

  • Chicken Noodle Soup and crackers
  • Vegetables and dip
  • Fruit – usually a banana or apple slices



  • Protein – favourites being homemade chicken fingers, ground beef, sausages
  • Starch – mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, rice mixtures
  • Vegetable – favourites being green peas, yellow beans, cauliflower


  • Fruit – usually two mini oranges, apple slices, grape halves, watermelon
  • Granola Bar – we love the Love Child Organics brand
  • Cheddar cheese and honey garlic pepperoni
  • Platter of mixed raw veggies and dip
  • Mixture of cheerios, puffs, and yogurt melts

I feel since Anders is a great eater, that is why he is such a bad sleeper (sleep is getting better though!). I’d rather take little sleep to a picky eater any day.

Since starting this post, I have since cut out dairy for Anders’ diet. I believe that his little stomach doesn’t digest it properly, but we now have a referral to an allergist to find out what is really going on. I have started giving him dairy alternative yogurt (loves the Silk almond milk yogurt) and the odd glass of coconut milk to drink. This transition is actually going smoother than I thought!

What do you feed you littles everyday? How do you make meal time more exciting?


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