Less Phones, More Moments.

I have gotten into the habit lately to read my horoscope every morning (mainly due to my dear friend Jessy – she sends them out to our accountability/wellness Facebook group every day!). I never, ever used to read my horoscope but what has been said in the few sentences has been extremely accurate since June.


On November 6th, my horoscope read, “People on their phones give the impression they’d rather be somewhere else. Some attractiveness is typically in and of the moment, being on the phone is inherently unattractive and ideally tended to in private”.

So what does this even mean?

  • Obviously, don’t be on your front in front of people all of the time. Take time to enjoy the present moment and be with the company that surrounds you.
  • When a person is focused on one task at a time, they can complete that task easier and more quickly. All of their attention is also on that task (this goes for talking with a single friend or in larger groups). How is one supposed to remember what they are being asked in a conversation if all you are doing is looking on your phone?
  • Does a person actually want to be somewhere else w65876569_10216912321654546_4480312211612368896_nhen they are on their phone? Typically, yes! Most times, people are escaping their own reality to be somewhere else. Live in the present moment.
  • Should you always put your phone away while with others? Well yes, you probably should. Enjoy their company. Enjoy the nature around you. Be in the moment. Phones do come in handy though! Especially when you are trying to win an argument, Google is right at your fingertips.

I can admit that I am glued to my phone. But really, who isn’t anymore?! I feel lost when I don’t have it. What if some kind of emergency happens? How will the other party get a hold of me? Or what if my work calls with important information?


The first time I disconnected from my phone recently was when I was in Banff/Canmore, Alberta for a weekend. I had a friend come up and visit me from the States and I knew that I needed to be present. I didn’t want to have any distractions. So I pretty much put my phone away. I took it out to take pictures and check up on my son a few times, but other than that, it was put away. And guess what? I SURVIVED! I knew that if I could survive a weekend, I could spend more time without my phone.

So what do I personally do now to live more in the moment?

  • I put my phone away at work. There are real people at work that I can talk to, that I can get to know and hear their stories.
  • I put away my phone the minute that I pick my son up from day home. It sucks having to be away from him all day and only having three hours in the evening to be together. I want to be more present for all of the silly, wonderful moments with him.

These are ongoing goals of mine. Disconnecting is hard but it is so worth it in the end!

What do you do to disconnect?
How do you live in the moment?


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