November Goals.

When I write down my goals in multiple places,
I tend to stick to them better!
Do you create monthly goals for yourself?
If so, do you achieve them?


Here are my goals for the month of November that I am going to achieve!

1. Writing – 10 minutes a day

I started doing a thing for the month of October. I challenged myself to write for ten minutes a day, uninterrupted. This meant no distractions and no stopping. It was just myself, my notebook and my fine tip Sharpie pen. During the month, I have written some great one page entries, sometimes a little shorter or sometimes a little longer. Most of the entries have transformed into posts for this blog. I loved having creative juices running through me and therefore making my post writing a whole lot easier.

I am definitely going to continue with this writing piece goal and see where it takes me. maybe some days I will want to write for more than ten minutes a day. I also hope to transform more and more of these entries into blog posts!

2. No spend November

I did really well with this goal during October. Even though I didn’t track myself per-say, I can admit that I did not buy any unnecessary items. I did however book a trip to Texas during WestJet’s seat sale, random but needed (but not planned at the beginning of the month).

I am hoping to do as well in November with no spending. This month I will track myself and really see how good I do!

3. Cook supper twice a week

As many of my followers know, I live with my parents right now with my 16 month old son. It is going great, except that I actually miss cooking supper every night. I have always cooked supper since leaving for university in 2009 and it seems odd (but totally great) for every meal to be cooked for us. I am hoping that I can come up with a “meal plan” schedule with my parents and incorporate myself in there for two nights a week!

4. Finally, read two books

I challenged myself to read two books in October, one self help, one novel. I read the self help but not the novel. I am still calling this a win because I haven’t finished an entire “adult” book in over two years!

This month, I already have two novels picked out and I am hoping to finish them by November 30! First I will be reading Half Brother by Kenneth Oppel. The librarian at work recommended this one so I am excited to start! The next novel will be the first Harry Potter. I haven’t read any of them, can you believe it?!?

So there you go. Four goals achievable goals. One month. Who wants to join me on one or all of my goals?!


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