DIY Halloween.

It’s almost that time again, Halloween 2019!

I wouldn’t say that I am a huge Halloween fanatic, but I sure love doing the typical Halloween activities. Pumpkin carving, dressing up, handing out candy/going trick or treating, going to Halloween parties with friends. I remember my mom making tons of my costumes growing up (Cinderella, a strawberry, an apple – most of these were my sister’s old figure skating costumes but still worked great for Halloween).

One thing that I get to add to my list this year is going trick or treating with my son! I am so excited for that! I even made my costume to match his. And we have been practising knocking on doors just for the event.

So this year, I wanted to get a little crafty for Halloween (I am by far the least creative person I know, so I wanted this to be a challenge to myself). I knew that I wanted Anders to be a character from a Disney movie but I also knew that I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a costume that he would only wear once. I also knew that I wanted to be a character with him (same movie or not). I took myself to Facebook Marketplace and started looking at all of the costumes in my area. I found the perfect costume, for $5.00! Woohoo! Sadly, when I messaged the person about buying it, the costume had already been sold. But she would let me know if the sale fell through. Well a couple days later, I got a message saying that the costume was still for sale! Yes, the original plan was on again!

So now Anders is prepared, now just for me. I had the perfect idea and finally this weekend, I went to go pick up supplies to make my half of the costume. I found everything I needed, a green t-shirt, fabric felt and fabric glue for $17.00. Steal of a deal, I was just hoping that it would work out!

Any guesses on what we are being, just based on the picture above?

I have already stated that I am so not creative. So over to YouTube I went to find a demo video for the costume. Well it was pretty easy to find the video and pretty easy to start working with the felt, scissors and fabric glue. It didn’t even take that long, anyone could do it!

What I needed:

  • A bright green t-shirt (found one at the thrift store)
  • White, blue, and black fabric felt
  • Fabric glue (found at Michael’s with a 55% off coupon)
  • Scissors
  • Four sizes of circular objects


  • Take the sheet of white felt and a salad bowl to make the biggest part of the eyeball
  • Repeat the first step for the blue, black, and small white part of the eye
  • Take the sheet of black felt and dray a large half circle
  • Take the leftover white felt and make small half circles to make teeth
  • Carefully glue all of the pieces together (I glued the teeth on first, before gluing the mouth to the shirt, same with the eye pieces)
  • Woohoo! You just made your Halloween costume!

Final product

If you guessed that I was making shapes to make Mike Wazoski from Monsters Inc., you are correct! Since I am Mike, Anders of course has a Sully costume to dress up in!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Is Halloween a big deal to you or is it just another day?


5 thoughts on “DIY Halloween.

  1. Sonja Hoff

    Love this costume! It is so cute and the idea is so precious! I always do a DIY costume, but I am no where near as good at creating them! Great job!


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