Be Thankful

My life is not perfect
but I am thankful
for everything I have.


It is funny how much life changes in just one year. A year ago, I thought I had it all. My little family, with husband and newborn son, with our two dogs. We spent every holiday together as a family, with our multiple families. I thought life was so good back then. Life was good for what it was.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2019. Recently seperated from my husband and splitting time and holidays with our 16 month old son. No pets in the picture. Living in a different city with a new job. But still spending tons of time with my immediate family. But I am good. I feel good. Circumstances may have changed, things may have been extremely hard for a few months, but I can say present day, I am good.

I am so thankful for so many things this holiday season (yeah, yeah, I know that Canadian Thanksgiving was a week ago. I had major writers block for a while). I am most thankful for my family. I moved back in with my parents with my son back in June. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without them. Both my mom and dad help out so much.


I am thankful for Starbucks (where I was working in June), for letting me transfer to a different store pretty much overnight and where I worked until the end of August. I was not in the right mind to work, but they supported me every
step of the way. I am thankful for my new job, that I am done by 3:30PM every day and get to spend every second weekend with Anders.

I am thankful for old friends and new found friends that have supported me on this new journey of life. It is awesome to be able to rely on friends for daily conversation, coffee meetups, or long phone calls on hard days. I am so thankful for a certain friend who came up to Canada to visit during Thanksgiving – it is exactly what I needed and we had so many adventures together in four days.

I guess my point to this post is that if you think really hard (even if you are going through a rough time), there is so much to be thankful for. You are allowed to go through rough moments in life. There will be people there to pick you up, remember that.

Ten Signs That You are Doing Well in Life

  • You have a roof over your head.
  • You ate today.
  • You have a good heart.
  • You wish well for others.
  • You have clean water to drink.
  • Someone cares for you.
  • You strive to be better.
  • You have clean clothes to wear.
  • You have dreams and goals.
  • You are breathing fresh air.

Life happens for a reason. Be thankful. Your story is never over, it just takes a turn for the better (without you even realizing it).

What are you thankful for today?


7 thoughts on “Be Thankful

  1. Kasey Blackburn

    So much to be thankful for on a regular basis and so much of it gets overlooked in day to day routine. This is a good reminder to think back on things that make you smile.

    While I was at camp in April, we were all around the campfire having a discussion about our bodies and what we are thankful for/what we like about ourselves. The discussion leader asked everyone to say one of those things out loud and give the reason why. One guy said that he liked his legs because they take him places and that really stuck with me.

    So what am I thankful for?

    – I am thankful to have a strong body that can (and does) take me on many adventures. Close to home and out of my comfort zone.

    – I am thankful for a mind and soul that feels things that are socially “outside of the box”.

    – I am thankful to have people around me who care about my well being.

    – And among many other things, I am so very thankful for our weekend together and the wonderful experiences you were willing to share with me.


  2. makemeupblogs

    I’m thankful for so many things in my life, including the good health of my loved ones, a great job that I love, and a roof over my head!


  3. i think one of those points is very precious – knowing someone cares for you. in a world where people are ‘busy’ or getting more ‘distant’ with reliance on texting instead of ‘face to face’ contact. knowing someone is there for you when needed makes the world of difference especially for personal emotional/mental wellness.


  4. Sonja Hoff

    Oh my, I totally agree! Even when times are tough, you can always find things to be thankful for. Family is always number one for me… they have always been a great support system, but have really helped me going through some crazy times this past year, as well! Thanks for sharing this post!


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