AAF Tribe Bingo

Do you set goals for yourself? Your goals could be short term goals or long term. They could take two minutes to complete or six months. Do you find that goals keep you motivated? Do you work harder when there is a prize or reward at the end?

In my personal opinion, I need a motivator. Something I can visualize and work towards. Crossing something off (of a list, picture, etc.) makes me feel good inside. I know that I have accomplished that goal and can now put it to the back of my mind. And that’s when I created my BINGO (my motivator)!


A couple months back, a group of friends and I (in our wonderful fitness/lifestyle/budget group), all created our own personalized “AAF (Accountable as F**k) Tribe BINGO“. We included fitness goals, travel goals, self-care goals, etc. Anything really that we wanted to accomplish in the next six months. Mine is mainly fitness goal oriented.

Next, we chose prizes/rewards for ourselves. Some group members treated themselves to rewards every time that they got a BINGO (vertical, horizontal, vertical) – with one “free space” in the middle. I personally gave myself four reward options – one vertical, one horizontal, one diagonal, and then one black out (whole BINGO square covered).

I kept my rewards to myself super simple. Rewards that I could afford and look forward too. I can claim massages through my benefits, so those are technically free for me! I left my blackout BINGO to be my big prize (a trip of my choice). I did this in order to save for one while I complete all of my goals!

Seen above are two fitness related BINGO’s and one budget.
These are a few BINGO’s from my Tribe group.

Everyone has their own personalized BINGO.

Would you create a goal-oriented BINGO for yourself?
Do you think it will help get you motivated with your goals?
What else motivates you to work out or save $100?
I would love to hear your ideas! Pass them along!


7 thoughts on “AAF Tribe Bingo

  1. Jen

    Hey we use the Dave Ramsey ever dollar budget app to make a budget of everything we have to pay every month. As well as funds for Christmas and kids sports/activities so we can save for them prior so we know we will have enough money when the time comes. As we are focused on paying the last of our debt off so any money not spent gets put on debt vs spending on things you really don’t need. It has been working awesome for us but comes with sacrifices as well. I so wish I could just hop a plane and go somewhere but the trip has to be saved for before we can go anywhere and the last debt paid off


  2. This is a really fun idea, Rebekka! I’m afraid I don’t often think about rewarding myself for accomplishing the goals on my list … maybe that’s why so many of them haven’t been achieved yet. Will have to consider changing my approach, and goal bingo would certainly be a great place to start!


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