Belly Laughs are the Best Medicine.

(def.) Belly Laugh – a deep, hearty laugh.

How do you feel after a good laugh?

  • Good?
  • Relieved?
  • Centred?
  • Tired?52681150_10215950672653922_4923562096509059072_n

I truly believe that every time you laugh (either forced or unforced), your mood improves. When you laugh, especially belly laugh, it relieves the tension and stress that you may be carrying. Laughing also relaxes the muscles in your body and can keep them relaxed for up to an hour.

I started to implement belly laughing in my son’s bedtime routine. Sometimes I make silly faces or silly noises. Sometimes (like tonight), kept “falling over” and for some reason that was hilarious. This can be simple! My goal is just to get my son to have a good laugh before settling in for bed.

Remember when you were a child. Can you recall how many times you laughed in a day? Probably not. But I can bet that you laughed at least sixteen times a day. Why is that? Children have a wild imagination and they witness their friends doing silly things. Children really shouldn’t have any worries in life, so of course there is lots of laughter in the air. Now the flip side. Can you think back in the past 24 hours and know how many times that you laughed? It is probably less than sixteen times. Adults have more stressors in life and more things to think about. The days go by way to quickly, some days we are just trying to survive, never mind laugh.

So how is belly laughing the best medicine (physically, mentally, emotionally)?

  • Laughter relaxes the entire body.
  • Laughter decreases angry emotions.
  • Laughter burns calories.
  • Laughter boosts the immune system while decreasing stress hormones.
  • Laughter adds joy to your life.

Trust me. Make yourself laugh. At least have a good laugh once a day. You will feel so much better. You’re mood will instantly improve. If you don’t feel better after a good laugh, please let me know!

So watch your favourite TV show (How I Met Your Mother is pretty funny!). Watch wipe-out videos on YouTube. If you hear laughing in your workplace, migrate towards the laughter and join in. Be silly with your children. How ever you need to have a good laugh, just do it!


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