Climbing Your Mountain.

Somewhere between the bottom of the climb
and the summit is the answer to the
mystery why we climb.
Greg Child

69607057_10217310437567195_3526509672930476032_nMoraine Lake (Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada)

Life is like climbing a mountain. If you have ever completed a summit hike, you would know that there are some flat spots, some really steep spots, back to flat spots, maybe a bit down hill, etc.. There are various paths you have to tackle first to reach the top. Just like climbing a mountain, you will have to take different pathways in your own life to reach the top.

Last week, I went hiking with one of my best friends. Well…I haven’t been hiking since before my son was born so I did a little research and planned out a pretty easy hike. The first hike didn’t pan out due to popularity and parking issues. So back to square one. We decided to drive to another lake in the area to view the spectacular views and then find another hike on the fly.68881777_10217310428366965_3657176949035368448_n

Well the views were nothing but amazing. And the climb to get to the best view was pretty easy (just straight up a paved path). We did do some “rock climbing” to get down to the lake and rocks to get different views – this was a little bit more challenging. But so so worth it.

Have you ever reached “the top” and realized that what you had done to get to the top was worth it? All that hard work and all of the times you wanted to give up led you to this very moment. Doesn’t it feel good?

Has your climb been straight up? Some steep parts to overcome but mainly positive? Or have you had areas of downhill or falling down? How did you overcome these obstacles? Maybe you had a good friend base to pick you up and keep on going. Maybe you had to reach out to a therapist. Whatever you had to do is part of your journey, part of the whole life story!69259290_10217310429206986_6187043979234639872_n

Maybe you haven’t reached the top yet (maybe you can’t even see the summit yet). Maybe you thought you had but slid down the mountain some to begin your journey again. And that’s okay! Life happens! But don’t let that stop your climb. Enjoy all of the parts of your own journey. Recognize the difficult moments and celebrate the easier times in life. Have fun with it!

You have your own individual journey to prepare for.
You have to climb and do the work for your journey.
Believe in yourself.
Achieve your goals.
You are worth it.



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