For the Love of Disney.

Everyone has a happy place in the world. That place that gives you warm and fuzzy feelings inside, the place where you could never be angry, the place that you keep going back to. Your happy place may be a cabin in the mountains with no running water or electricity. Or it may be on the beach in Hawaii.

Where is your happy place?


MY happy place is Disneyland and to be honest I couldn’t really tell you a specific reason on why I love it so much. Even though there are hundreds of thousands of people who visit the park each day, the crowd doesn’t bother me. I feel “giddy” and full of energy when I am at Disneyland and could go for hours.

The first time I went was with my parents and brother when I was ten years old. The only memory I really remember is that my dad was really scared of rides, so that made me scared of rides as well. I think I went on most, but my brother definitely went on more of the bigger rides.


I have been to Disneyland three times since that first time. When I was 20, 24, and 27 (last time was for my honeymoon with my ex-husband and it was honestly the best time ever).


  • Disneyland Ride: Indiana Jones
  • California Adventure Park Ride: Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout!
  • Disney Character: Mulan
  • Food: Dole Whips

Disneyland is full of love and fun, who could be unhappy here?! There is so much to do including rides, meeting characters, eating delicious foods (dole whips and churros, am I right?), and looking at all of the memorabilia in shops.

I cannot wait to take Anders here someday (hopefully soon) and show him why I love the park so much. I believe that he would have a great time right now only being 14 months old!

First, think. Second, dream.
Third, believe. And finally, dare.
Walt Disney


2 thoughts on “For the Love of Disney.

  1. Gosh I love Dole Whips too, I created a boozy version about 2 years ago on my blog…. so yummy, you list is great. I enjoyed Disneyland when I visited there a couple of years ago, sounds like they finally got those new attractions opened.


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