Lattes & Emotions.

Are you a person who stops in for a coffee everyday on your way to work?
Does purchasing coffee make you happier than making it yourself at home?
Do you feel like caffeine affects your emotions and moods?
Did you know that one cup of coffee a day, may keep you in a happier mood?


Now, most of my followers know that I work full-time at Starbucks (coffee, coffee, coffee). I know myself that I need at least a small cup of coffee in the mornings to function. But does that cup make me happier? Maybe, more alert for sure. I feel like the cup of coffee is part of my routine now, part of my survival.

It has been studied in Europe that if a person drinks a 60mg cup of coffee/caffeine, you sustain your attention, alertness and mood over a period of four hours. There is also research that states that consumers who buy their coffee every morning are happier than the people who make their own coffee at home. I definitely see this every shift while working at Starbucks. It is so hard to imagine (after six years) that their are people who come to Starbucks to get the same drink and food item every SINGLE day. Does that really make you happy? Or is it just routine now?

Screenshot_20190813-192919_Instagram.jpgI conducted my own study this morning before writing this post. I started a poll on my Instagram study asking viewers if they think that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning improves their mood. 74% of people thought that their mood improves, very interesting!

But there is something else about enjoying that cup of coffee in the morning (or afternoon or evening) that came about in the study. Yeah, you may be drinking it just to be part of routine, but what are you doing when you take your first sip? Practising mindfulness – enjoying the world around you, thinking about yesterday or the day to come, relaxing. Here are three statements (listed below) on how coffee is a mindfulness practise for these Instagram users.

“Like I sit and enjoy my existence.”

“I crave coffee and it’s not even the caffeine that I’m craving. It’s the enjoyable moment that I have when drinking it.”

“Not because of the caffeine but because I actually enjoy sipping a warm beverage and that’s what makes me happy.”

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee tomorrow. Whether is just is part of your routine or truly does make you happier, enjoy!




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