It Takes a Village.

It was said by my therapist, that it truly takes your own village to raise a child. Human beings (especially mothers) are not supposed to raise a child alone. Raising another human being is TOUGH! Take the help when it is offered.


Back in the day, most families lived together. Grandparents, parents, sometimes siblings, offspring, etc. Everyone was there to pitch in when needed. When the mother or father needed extra rest, a warm meal to eat, or when they needed to go to work. Every single person had a specific role in their houses and just did their job. Granted, women usually were stay-at-home mothers, they still had a ton of work to do within the household.

I am not saying that others should parent your children. Mothers and fathers should parent their own children. Family and others should be around to strictly help. Maybe they can give advice and help with goals, but not parent. Children will succeed when they have multiple role models in their life – they will get to develop new skills and participate in different life experiences.

Almost two months have gone by since I moved in with my parents with my son. They have been extremely helpful and I am so thankful. I now know why people live near their families and ask for help when needed (I am very stubborn when it comes to asking for help). My mom and dad have sent me back to bed when Anders didn’t sleep through the night, have homecooked meals prepared every night and watch Anders for me when I have to go to work. I am so thankful that I have such a great family and support system that are always willing to help me out.

We (parents) are doing our best. You are doing the best job that you can! But the village is there – grandparents, aunts, best friends, mom groups – when you need it. Take the help.


3 thoughts on “It Takes a Village.

  1. I adore this! Growing up in a big Mexican family, we always had this mentality. It is such a huge blessing to be able to be so involved and know that they will be there for me when my time comes as well.


  2. Great post! I am currently pregnant and love on the west coast with almost all of my family on the east cost and no one close by us. With that being said, we are planning to move back east before the baby gets here – it’s our first and we really think that having the support is worth the move!!!


  3. This is so true. In Africa, there’s an adage that says: ” It takes a whole village to raise a child.” Seems to me that it isn’t limited to Africa alone but what it means is that everyone has the responsibility to look after a child regardless of whose they are. Indeed, isolation has deprived us of a lot.


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