Happy Planner (2019-2020)

Oh my goodness, I am going back to work in less than three weeks! I am only going to go back three days per week but it will still be a major adjustment. I knew that in the back of my mind, I had to buy myself a planner to keep life organized. That is when I found my Happy Planner.


So a little story about my Happy Planner:

I am part of this wonderful friend group on Facebook (#aaftribe). We all joined this fitness related group to keep each other motivated and accountable to our own goals. The group has streamed from fitness to finding new friendships to sharing stories throughout the day to HAPPY PLANNERS! Now it was Rachel who introduced us to the Happy Planner (she attended a planning conference in Las Vegas and everything!) and gives everyone tips and tricks about the planner itself and add on accessories. It has been great to have someone who knows what they are doing already and can share there insight and advice!


There is so much to love about the Happy Planner.

  • First off, I got the wellness edition. There are places to add in your self-care priorities, how you spent time unplugged, if you got your daily exercise in and what your three goals will be for the next month. This edition of the Happy Planner was important to me because self-care is such a big part of life.
  • I also love how customizable the planner is – you make it how to suit you (colours, stickers, washi tape, etc.).
  • There are many extension packs that you can add to the original planner. I picked up the budget extension to keep track of expenses and I plan on getting the recipe extender.
  • One can add in their own pages. There is a Happy Planner hole punch that you can buy for you to be able to do this.
  • The original planner runs from July 2019 – December 2020. I did not mind paying the $35.00 for a planner that lasts 18 months. Of course, the extension and sticker packs are added costs (but you can use coupons for these!).

(Budget Extension)

I haven’t had too much time to play around with my planner but I plan to start decorating and adding in all of the important stuff as soon as I post this! I cannot wait for the planner to keep me accountable, organized, and to get my creative juices flowing.

Do you use a planner? What one do you use? Does it help you with your goals and organization?


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