Creating Mindfulness.

Do you ever take five or ten minutes out of your day just to slow down? To connect with your inner feeling and emotions? To calm yourself down after a busy morning or afternoon? Most people forget to take a small amount of time for themselves each day. They may get wrapped up in their worries or fears. Just by taking a few minutes a day, you can ground yourself and  let those fears and worries escape you.


Mindfulness should not feel like work, it should be enjoyable. It can be as simple as taking three deep breaths, in and out, in and out, in and out. By taking these breaths, you will be able to clear your mind and hopefully connect with your inner-self. Another way that people practice mindfulness is by meditating. This goes hand in hand with breathing. You can just sit in a quiet room yourself for five minutes or follow a video online.

One of my favorite videos on YouTube for practicing meditation/mindfulness is the daily energy routine by Donna Eden ( I think it is about 10 minutes long but she does have some shorter videos as well. When I first started out, it was hard to commit to 10 minutes, but it is only 10 minutes! Once you find a routine that works for you, that 10 minute video will no longer feel like work.

What are other ways that you can practice mindfulness other than deep breathing or meditating?

  • Taking a walk and walking slowly:  enjoy the nature around you (in you are outside), breathe in the fresh air. Focus on each step and slow it down.
  • Eat mindfully: turn off the TV, put your cellphone away, put anything away that is distracting to you. Pay attention to your food and learn to appreciate it. Eat slowly, enjoying every bite.
  • Reading: set aside some time each day, pick up a book and read in silence. Even though it may seem like a book is distracting to the mind, you are still focusing on the story. Focus on your breathing as well as the story in front of you.

I am always looking for different ideas to incorporate into my day! How do you practice mindfulness? Are you struggling where to start with mindfulness? Answer in the comments below!


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