6.5 Month Sleep Training.

People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.
Leo J. Burke

When I became a parent back in June, I honestly had no idea how little sleep I would be getting. During my pregnancy, if I wasn’t at work, I was in bed sleeping. I thought back then I was exhausted! Well now I know a whole different kind of exhausted, one where you do not sleep at all!


Anders has not been a good sleeper right from the beginning. For the first six months of Anders’ life, no word of a lie, either my husband or I had to rock Anders to sleep. Whether this be in the rocking chair in the living room, rocking chair in the nursery or his swing, it felt like we were just always rocking. If we didn’t rock, he would not fall asleep for naps or bedtime. There was even one day he was up for 24 hours! Something had to change, we couldn’t continue to rock for three hours every night and then me be up every hour of the night.

I am a part of this awesome mom and baby group called Mommy Connections in the city that I live in and one week, a sleep consultant came to speak to us. She explained how many hours of sleep a baby needs at night and during the day, what a sleep prop is (I had no idea a nightlight was a sleep prop!) and essentially how to get your baby to sleep on their own successfully. I came home that day and asked my husband if we should hire a consultant. We decided to try sleep training ourselves first and if it didn’t work, then we would bring in a professional.
I wanted to share what we have done to get Anders to sleep his first twelve hour night in case you are wondering what to do next! We implemented the Ferber Method, which is a gentler approach to crying it out. Some people don’t agree with it but after seeing the results, I would totally recommend it!

  • Tuesday
    5:30PM – Suppertime. Anders is eating mostly purees still with some solids. Tonight he had a mixture of fruits and vegetables
    6:00PM – Bath time
    6:20PM – Massage, PJs, story time and white noise
    6:30PM – Night feed and put in crib, asleep by 7:00PM
    My husband was totally helpful this night and went in to soothe Anders a handful of times before 1:00AM. Anders was never hungry, just needed some reassuring.
    3:30AM – Woke up crying for about 15 minutes but self-soothed and then slept until 7:00AM
  • Wednesday
    5:30PM – Suppertime. I made homemade hamburger soup and blended some up for Anders. He loved it!
    6:00PM – Living room to play (we have a bath every second night)
    6:20PM – Massage, PJs, story time and white noise
    6:30PM – Night feed and put in crib, asleep by 7:00PM
    12:00AM – Anders woke up screaming and continued to scream until 1:20AM. We went into his room every 10 to 15 minutes to soothe him and eventually he soothed himself to sleep (no night feed here!)
    7:00AM – Woke up
  • Thursday
    5:00PM – Suppertime. Leftover hamburger soup.
    5:30PM – Bath time.
    5:50PM – Massage, PJs, story time and white noise
    6:00PM – Night feed and put in crib, asleep by 6:09PM
    6:30AM – Anders slept his first 12 hour night without waking up once. I think I heard him at 3:00AM for about 15 minutes, it sounded like he was playing with his Thumper bunny

And that’s that. That is what we did and in three days Anders slept through the night! I am writing this post on night four (Friday) but it is already looking promising. Anders cried a bit to soothe himself when I layed him down at 6:00PM but he has been sleeping every since (it is now 8:28PM). Keep in mind that all babies are different and this may or may not work for your child (I really hope it does though!).

I feel like a million bucks and cannot wait to get more sleep in the days to come. I officially do not feel like a zombie mom anymore!


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