Sleepless Five Months.

Has it really been five months and six days since I have had my son?! Even longer since my last blog post! Even though these last five months have been the quickest months of my life, there have been some very long days. We are getting into somewhat of a routine so now it is becoming easier to focus on some of the things I used to do (write, bake, workout).StockSnap_M0YZ9Q79DZ

Sleep deprivation is real. Same with postpartum depression. These two things very often go hand in hand. Make sure you are taking time to focus on yourself and your mental health. You still come first even though there is a new little baby in the house!
My son was born at the end of June and he is still not sleeping through the night (exclusively breastfed). Until a couple weeks ago, he was getting up ten times (not joking!) and fighting naps. He is the happiest little baby but I had no idea how he was functioning on such little sleep!

Somehow, and I really don’t know how, I have survived the past couple of months on very little sleep. I do definitely have my moments where it seems like I just can’t push forward anymore but I know that I have tons of support around me and my son will eventually sleep through the night some day!

One thing that has really helped on a day to day basis, is to sleep when he’s sleeping (at least the first nap of the day). There will always be cleaning and cooking and errands and laundry to do, but most times that can wait, even if you don’t get to those things until the next day. Newborns and infants take a lot out of a person when they are awake so get as much rest as you can! This took me a while to learn as I am used to being busy all of the time, but now I am just busy in a different way.

If you have supports around  you (friends, family, coworkers, babysitters, etc.) utilize them! Do not be afraid when asking for help. Most people won’t know that you are struggling until you ask for help and I am sure your supports are more than willing to help you out! Even if you just need someone to talk to, there will always be someone there (it can get pretty lonely talking to a baby all day – sometimes you need that adult communication).

Communication is key – and this is what I struggle with the most! I tend to keep the small things that bother me bottled up inside until I explode. This isn’t a good way to go about life because being angry sucks! It affects sleep, mood and mental health. Again, ask for help when needed and make sure your asking your partner to pick up some slack in other areas (doing a load of dishes, throwing in a load of laundry, etc.).

Remember that you will be able to sleep a full night someday soon (I keep telling myself this and my son keeps on sleeping longer and longer each night)! Daily tasks may seem hard right now, but it will get better once you are able to get a good sleep. Focus on the bigger picture for now.


15383MCOct2_editAnders Dale Stevens
June 23, 2018 at 2:31pm
eight pounds, one ounce
birth story to follow eventually

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