Pregnancy Cravings (Are They Real?)

Do you think pregnancy cravings are real or is it all in your head? What did you crave while pregnant (if you had any)? Did you eat normally? According to doctors in the USA, no one really knows why pregnancy cravings occur. Maybe the body is lacking a certain nutrient at that point in time or it is just what the body wants.

Pickles and ice cream seem to be the two foods that ladies crave the most while pregnant. For the pickles, maybe they are lacking salt in their diet and the salty and sour pickle just does it for them. As for ice cream, maybe your body is telling you that you need more fat or calcium in your diet. Everything is okay to eat in moderation! You shouldn’t feel bad about having certain (weird) cravings, they should go away after the nine months anyways (or maybe they don’t, I am not an expert)!

I am a proud follower in eating the things I love in moderation. You should put limitations on yourself, unless medically necessary. Say if you love strawberry ice cream and crave it, that doesn’t mean you should just give in and eat it all of the time. Maybe you are craving the strawberry flavor. You could always eat ice cream, but balance it out with frozen or fresh strawberries, unsweetened strawberry apple sauce, etc. Both you and baby still need a well balanced diet and lots of nutrients to share between the two of you.

If you crave…
Potato Chips
Lunch Meat
Sweet and Sour Candy
Ice Cream
Try eating…
Water with Lime or Fruit
Popcorn or Pretzels
All Beef Hot Dogs
Nuts with Dried Fruit
Yogurt or Frozen Sorbet



Some women crave non-food items which can be very harmful to themselves and their babies. This is a diagnosed condition called pica and someone can crave very weird things like dirt, couch stuffing, or white-out. I would speak to your doctor if you are having any of these very-weird cravings.

I am currently between 22 and 23 weeks pregnant now and I haven’t really experienced many cravings so far. The only one that I would consider a craving would be, that I love the little cheeseburgers from McDonalds! I went a little crazy for a bit and would buy two at a time and devour them, but I have cut back for myself and my growing baby. I feel like this is so weird, as I really didn’t eat McDonalds before and I had aversions to meat for the first 16 weeks of my pregnancy.

To keep a balanced diet and to keep my cravings in check, I have focused on my cooking more since January 1 and it has been going really well! It takes 21 days to break habits (mine from eating unhealthy and more fast food than usual) and I feel so much better already. I have dedicated my Instagram page to my own cooking and recipes this year to keep myself accountable.

I want to know, what did you crave while pregnant? Or even if you are not pregnant, what do you crave on a daily basis? What do you do to still maintain a balanced lifestyle?



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