A quick look back to 2017! 2017 was wonderful and not so wonderful, but I survived! From doing my favourite things to lots of wedding planning to losing a baby to actually having our wedding to international trips to announcing that we are expecting in June, I wouldn’t change the year one bit.
((Pictured below are my most popular Instagram posts of the year))


Four days in to 2018 and its already been great!

Most people today make New Years resolutions that they hope to follow throughout the year. Some are successful, some are not. 41% of people usually make new year goals for themselves. This can include anything from fitness, quitting smoking, eating healthier, etc. Not saying that people fail, but 48% believe that they do not have success with their goals.

I am keeping things easy this year. One – I want to cook more homemade meals throughout the year. 2017 I really slacked, the whole year flew by. We ate out a lot and their are definitely consequences to that! But I am going to make it a point to eat better. Four days in and I am already feeling so much better! My favourite meal I have made so far is my sweet and tangy meatloaf with a side of asparagus and peas.

Two – I want to read more. At least two books a month, plus finish the ones I started but never finished in 2017.  I need to use a book to distract my mind instead of my cellphone. What a bad habit! I am starting the year by reading a few baby books and preparing myself that way!

The good thing about goals is that you are allowed to adjust throughout the year! I may want to add a goal or two once Baby S is here. We will wait and see! What are your New Year resolutions this year? Share in the comments if you wish!


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