What’s Brewing?

The pain that you have been feeling cannot compare to the joy that is coming.
Romans 8:18

As some of my readers know, my husband and I recently announced some exciting news that is happening in our lives. We are expecting in 2018! June to be exact.


Of course, we had to include Starbucks in our announcing Facebook post, as I work full time there and Keenan does like his sweet, girlie drinks sometimes. We both thought this was the best way possible to announce the very exciting news.

Pregnancy is so different for each woman, can be for each one of their pregnancies as well. No amount of books can prepare you for growing a human being. Some books say one thing, some say the complete opposite. I am around the 14 week mark right now and it has been rough! I have had morning sickness, all day, every day for the entire time. It has recently got worse the past three weeks as well. This has meant lots of rest for me and trying to keep fluids and food down. It can only look up from here!

This pregnancy didn’t come as a shock, but we sure weren’t expecting it to happen this quick. After everything that happened earlier in the year, my doctor told me that it may be hard to become pregnant and not to become discouraged if I didn’t.

Earlier in the year, in May, we found out that we were pregnant. Totally not planned, as I was on birth control and heavily planning for our summer wedding. But we were thrilled! I will always remember that day… I went into emergency thinking that I was in pain from possible Crohns, the doctor ordered an urine test, and then came back and told me that I was pregnant. I cried and cried and I don’t know that if at the time they were happy tears or sad tears.

If I remember correctly, I had a total of three ultrasounds ranging from May 1 to May 19. The first two, the techs and radiologists just stated that it was too early to see anything, that I would have to wait a bit longer till the sac turned into the fetus. Well any news was good news, so Keenan and I started to get so excited. We bought a few outfits, dug out some of his old outfits, and I sporadically bought a crib from the neighbors at their garage sale.

Friday, May 19th I had my third ultrasound. The previous appointments, the ultrasound techs were always chatty. This one was different. She was quite and then when done the scan, she left us in the room to talk to the radiologist for about 20 minutes (seemed like a lifetime). When the tech and the radiologist came into the room after the time passing, the told me to get to the hospital emergency room right away as there was something wrong. They didn’t really say much after that, just that I was supposed to directly go the hospital and I would probably need surgery.

We headed directly to the hospital as we were told, waited eight hours to see the OB/GYN and then was told that this was a tubal pregnancy and that I needed surgery immediately. Everything happened so fast, that there wasn’t anytime to process. I found out that I needed surgery at 1pm that afternoon and had surgery at 1am the next morning. There is no way for the fetus to survive when it is growing in the fallopian tube. Unfortunately the tube will eventually burst and cause more harm to me. I am very thankful that the techs caught this when they did.

It was still very hard. It still is very hard. Even though the May pregnancy was not planned, we would have loved that baby so much. Those three weeks were full of ups and downs, full of emotion. I am still full of emotion and it definitely is not something I will ever forget. We were ready then, ready to love unconditionally.

But this is now our rainbow baby and we couldn’t be happier. We are both so excited to become parents and have the baby room almost set up. Everything seems to be going good this pregnancy (except for always being sick), I just take things super easy and am cautious about most things. I cannot wait to see what June has in store for us!

Now…will it be a boy or girl?? We will find out in give or take 26 weeks!


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