Are Tattoos Therapeutic?


There are many opinions about tattoos in the world. Some people think that tattoos are tacky, some people love having art on their bodies and showing it off in magazines, and some people even get tattoos for therapeutic reasons.


In the past few years, there have been a large wave of people that have gotten a single semicolon tattooed in different places of their bodies. A semicolon is used when an author could have chosen to end their sentence, but chose not too. Even in life’s darkest moments, there is still someone always here for you, supporting you, wanting you to continue your own story.

Project Semicolon is the organization that started this wave.  The organization is dedicated to the prevention of suicide. Their website is full of information, statistics and even a place where you can share your story. Go check it out yourself!

I cannot say that I have a semicolon tattoo tattooed on me, but I have seven others. I find that getting tattooed is so calming, a place where you can relax and do some thinking while just sitting there. A bonus is getting fantastic art on your body that you can show off to the world. Tattoos don’t necessarily have to have stories, but they are still personal to yourself.

Pictured below are two of my favorite tattoos. The watercolor poppy/daisy on the left reminds me on my favorite flower. I also got this tattoo in Las Vegas, I will always remember that trip. The tattoo on the right, is the newest. I wanted something that reminded me of a vintage coffee cup, flowers, and my Starbucks journey. I definitely got this in one tattoo.

Now, some people may think I am crazy. How can getting a thousand needles poked into you be therapeutic? Archaeologists have stated that the Neolithic Icemen used tattoos as acupuncture points to heal arthritis. Tattoos can help you spiritually (depending what tattoo you get), emotionally (taking time to yourself and thinking) and physically (tattoos vs acupuncture).

What is your opinion about tattoos? Do you believe that they can be therapeutic? Can tattoos be used as a coping skill?


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