Fall Festivities.

Fall can be a weird season, especially in Alberta (or even all of Canada). We can have snow right away like we did last week or it can be quite warm and sunny like it was all day today. You never know what your going to get!

Planning family outings or dates can be hard when the weather is so iffy! I am going to help you out right now with planning some outside and inside activities that you can do whenever during the fall season!

My absolute favourite thing to do in the fall is to make delicious homemade soups and baked goods. You can never go wrong by spending some time in the kitchen, smelling the rich aroma in your house. The soup I made last week (pictured below) was a roasted cauliflower curried soup with coconut milk (recipe on Instagram and under clean eating). Yummmmm!


Another fun thing to do is carving pumpkins (maybe closer to Halloween so they can double as decorations). I am definitely not the most artistic but it is still fun scooping pumpkin “guts” out and creating your own masterpiece. Toasting the pumpkin seeds after is also quite easy and tasty (two activities in one, you could also make pumpkin soup out of the “guts”)!


Attending farmer’s markets on the weekends is fun in the fall. Most vendors are trying to sell fall and Christmas decorations, and all of their fruits and veggies that they grew over the summer. It can be great bundling up in your fall coat and scarf, grabbing a Starbucks and walking around the market.

All around the color of the leaves are changing. Being out in the crisp, fresh air and seeing all of the different colors can be spectacular.  Rural country drives are the best. You can take pictures of the farmers still out in the field, the geese starting to fly back south, and of course all of the leaves and trees. This also works if you want to go on a fall hike in the mountains or just walk down a pathway where you live.


I work at Starbucks, so I may be biased with this one. Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Salted Caramel Mocha’s scream fall. There is nothing better than getting together with a good friend or your significant other and sitting down in a café at Starbucks and enjoying one of these drinks. The rich aroma of the espresso and pumpkin sauce swirled together is mesmerizing, nothing better. Definitely worth the 500+ calories. While you are sipping away on your latte, maybe add a pumpkin scone to your order as well!

I hope you do enjoy fall as much as I do! There is so much time to be spent with friends and family, there will always be wonderful memories to be made.


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