Summer Blues.

If you know anything about living in Alberta, Canada, you would know that the weather can be different from one minute to the next. I woke up this morning at 4:15AM to a chilly late summer morning – definitely feeling like fall. It started to rain at 5:00AM – okay, that’s fine. Most of Western Canada is on fire so we need the rain. But later in the morning, it started snowing!! …Are you freaking kidding me?! It is not even fall yet!


Are summer blues a thing?
Can the change of weather and seasons affect your mental health?

I believe that summer blues are totally real. The days are longer in the summer months, the sun is out longer, people are typically busier with fun plans. People want to soak up all of the Vitamin D that they can by going to the beach, going camping, having beers on the patio, etc. Once mornings get chillier and days become darker, sleep patterns are affected and you are left wondering if you did enough during the summer months.
Other symptoms that can happen are:

  • Feeling sad and grumpy
  • Losing interest of things you love
  • Lacking energy
  • Eating more, usually stuff you don’t normally eat

I was personally so sad when it started to snow this morning. I feel like summer escaped me, I barely remember it at all. But I did so much this summer, that it is hard to remember all of the little details. I had emergency surgery May long and couldn’t really do anything for six weeks, I married my best friend in July, we honeymoon’ed in Disneyland, I attended a few weddings – see so much! I shouldn’t be so hard on myself for feeling like I did nothing at all!

Take a step back and breathe. Summer will be here again next year and you can start planning for that. Believe that you accomplished everything this summer and had a blast with family and friends. Sit by a sunny window, go outside.
There are tons of fun things to do during the winter, such as skiing, watching hockey games, and curling up at home with a cup of tea. Make every situation and season the best in your life. Remember to talk about your frustrations to make the change of seasons more bearable for yourself and everyone around you.

My only advice, maybe don’t live in or move to Alberta if you don’t want the weather to change every five minutes (haha).


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