Optimus Prime & Gator.

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our live whole.”
Roger Caras (photographer and writer)

I would like to take the time to introduce two furry best friends that I have in my life. One of my biggest coping skills that I use is taking my two dogs for a walk and of course, sharing cuddles with them whenever I can. Even though Optimus Prime (Opi) and Gator are hyper-cadets, they still soothe the soul when a person is around them. I love how both dogs are so happy to see you at the end of the day and show you affection when needed.

14370283_10208969757375403_5594688701803057159_nPictured above is Optimus Prime, or Opi for short. Optimus is a ten-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who is believed to have early on-set Alzheimer’s but is still the sweetest dog around. A person would never guess that he is ten, Opi is still very puppy like.

Optimus loves short walks in the grass, stealing toys from Gator and attention from whoever is around him. Opi is not picky with food or treats.


Introducing Gator (pictured above). Gator is believed to be a  seven-year-old Pug Terrier. Gator is quite the character, I have never met another dog that even comes close to his personality. Gator is the happiest dog on the planet but is still very timid and takes his time warming up to people.

Gator hates bathes (I just think he loves to be dirty). Gator also does not like it when Keenan cuts his hair. Gator loves to run, play with kitty’s and cuddle.

It would be hard to imagine life without a furry friend, whether that be a cat, dog, or something else loving. Animals have an inkling when someone is feeling sad or is hurting and they know exactly what to do. I love my dogs to pieces and I am so glad that I get to come home to them everyday.


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