Learning Motivation.

Mental health and illnesses are tough. You may fight and fight and fight and just want to give up at the end of the day. Is it really worth it to keep on fighting day or day or is it easier just to give up? Motivation is key when fighting everyday situations. A person needs to find ways to get motivation and learn coping skills when dealing when their negative emotions. Some tips to help are finding/getting help as soon as you are able too, tackle one scenario/obstacle at a time, and learn new coping skills.

There are multiple scenarios or situations why a person would want to give up (see pictogram below). I am sure we have all been in one of these situations before, I know I have! I will be honest, I am not great in believing in myself. Deep down, I do know I believe in myself but when I get into stressful situations and get flustered, that goes out the window pretty quick. This is something I know I need to work on. And that’s okay!


Somebody most likely went through something in their life that makes themselves think that why not just give up. Certain situations will do that to a person. There will be dark days and bright days, but everyday will eventually get better.

There are some ways how to make yourself mentally stronger. Of course these don’t work for everybody, but at least they are listed and you can try them! Twelve ways to become mentally strong are:

Don’t fear alone time.
Don’t dwell on the past.
Don’t feel like the world owes you.
Don’t expect immediate results.
Don’t worry about pleasing everyone.
Don’t waste energy on things you cannot control.
Don’t let others influence your emotions.
Don’t resent on other people’s successes.
Don’t shy away from responsibilities.
Don’t give up after the first failure.
Don’t fear taking risks.

Practise not giving up (as hard as that sounds). Talk with the people you trust, find coping skills to deal with stress and anxiety. Look at the twelve ways to become mentally stronger. Let me know how it goes!


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