Food and Mental Health.

“Get healthy for yourself. It’s about you, not about others.”

I feel great!

After only a week of meal prepping lunch and suppers for my husband and I, I can tell that I am in a better mood and I have more energy than the week prior. The meals that I made were not time consuming and so easy – anyone could make any of them (see my blog post about packing easy lunches)! I filled our containers full of beautiful garden veggies with chicken or steak and then noodles or potatoes. Balanced meals for the win!

StockSnap_DFZV36VZW4.jpgDid you know more and more research is finding that a good diet isn’t only good for the body? It is awesome for the brain as well!

  • Diet is beneficial for brain development – when you eat yummy, nutritious foods, it nourishes you.
  • Diet puts the brain into a “grow mode” – dietary changes are linked to changes in the brain protein which is needed for brain cell connections.

Here are some foods that can improve your mood. This isn’t a guaranteed list, eat what works for you! If you know for some reason that bananas make you happy, eat bananas!

  • Salmon
  • Green Tea
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Dates
  • Ice Cream (my personal favorite, but doesn’t last very long. It makes my stomach hurt after a while!)

When looking at your personal mental health, take a look at your diet. It could surprise you as to what foods you are eating, shouldn’t be eating, and foods that you are not getting enough of!


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