Deep Breathing Exercise.

Everyone gets flustered and stressed out from time to time. But that’s okay! One of the main things that helps me in the moment of stress is deep breathing. Maybe it will work for you!


Remove yourself from the situation and find a chair to sit down (even a wall to do a wall sit would work also). Relax you shoulders and place your arms and hands wherever comfortable.  Release the air you have in you lungs and then deeply breathe in through your nose. Slowly exhale the air from your nose and pause at the end for three seconds. I recommend this process five times in a row. Focus on your counting, not what is going on in your head.

There are many benefits to taking a step back from a situation and taking three long breaths. Hopefully you can notice a change in your body with the exercise.

  1. Decreases in-the-moment stress.
  2. Relaxes the body and mind.
  3. Increased energy level.
  4. Makes the mind more aware and open.

Be open to trying this exercise at least once a day. Even though it takes about five minutes, it can be very beneficial for you health and mental health. Let me know how it goes.


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