Stress Free Meal Prep

Happy back to school for university students or your children or even yourself!

Making lunches every day can be such a hassle. It is a lot more convenient to go to a fast food restaurant and purchase your lunch. Although easy, most times not the healthiest.

I am here to help! I have a few easy meal prep ideas that I follow when making my husband and myself lunch. Right now, I love to keep things fresh with all of our garden veggies grown over the summer.

I used a whole chicken to make lunch and supper meals for the week. I cooked it in the slow cooker with white wine and spices. Totally easy and delicious.


Lunch #1

Two hard boiled eggs

Mini muffins

Cheese String

Apple Slices

Lunch #2

BBQ Chicken Quesadillas

Cucumber Slices

Yogurt Cup

Goldfish Crackers

Lunch #3


Cherry Tomatoes

Green Grapes



I hope you can use these ideas to make your lunches stress free! I would love to hear your lunch ideas. Comment below!


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